Lyn Braz


As the founder and CEO of Open Coast Financial Solutions, Lyn Braz brings an impressive background to her client companies in the role of Part-Time Operational and Strategic CFO. Lyn’s expertise draws on 25+ years in the world of finance with a proven record of creating and implementing comprehensive strategies to improve company performance and achieve strategic objectives.

Lyn’s operational management skills and financial expertise have guided companies in real estate, manufacturing, education, printing, professional services, and technology, among others, helping them to increase their efficiency, productivity, profitability, and cash flow in the process of achieving their business goals. Lyn is known for being detail-oriented, a great communicator, able to remain calm in stormy waters, and is revered of as an all-around resource for solving complex financial and operational business problems.

In June 2010, Lyn founded Open Coast Financial Solutions, LLC taking her venture capital, financing, and operational company experience to provide part-time CFO services to businesses. Since then, she has built ongoing, successful relationships with CEOs at multiple companies, consistently improving and upgrading their operations’ profitability and cash flow. Lyn has been the wind beneath the sails for dozens of companies: privately – held, family-owned, venture capital-funded, and publicly – traded, providing them with financial and strategic plans to ensure their financial management and ongoing profitable growth.

Today, Lyn Braz continues to improve the profitability and operations of companies across the U.S. as well as those operating globally. Her clients include Kamylon Management, Twinstrata (which was acquired by EMC), and growing companies in the technology, real estate, education, and printing industries.

Additionally, she served as Part-Time CFO and then Full-Time CFO for VidScale, a privately-held telecommunications software company, taking it from a local, 10-staff operation to worldwide with 200+ employees. Her work involved creating, developing, and implementing VidScale’s Finance, Human Resources and IT functions, working with its management team to create a cash-flow positive and profitable company. After five years, VidScale was acquired by the multi-billion-dollar, Fortune 500 company, Ericsson Inc. She remained at Ericsson as their Vice President of Finance for a year after the acquisition.

Lyn holds both a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance and an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. She is a member of ProVisors, Boston, and The CFO Leadership Council and resides in one of the scenic and historic coastal communities of Massachusetts.


Additional Services

  • Cash Management & Banking Relationships
  • Working Capital Management
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance -audit, Federal & State Regulatory
  • Equity and Capitalization Analysis
  • System Implementation and Automation

Whether you are looking to build a growth strategy, re-evaluating your business or contemplating a change in direction, we will meet you where you’re at to help you accomplish your overall objectives.