Developing a Foundation for Sustainable Growth

When companies go through a period of rapid growth, they often find they are unprepared for the onslaught of changes that are required. This may include expanding their infrastructure, creating new controls, and upgrading policies and procedures as new staff is onboarded. As your Operational CFO, we can ease you through this difficult transition period by putting into place the people, processes, and technology you need right now.  By incorporating these needed resources, your operations will be fully-scalable, as quickly as possible and can continue to grow.

Providing Meaningful Financial Information

Open Coast works collaboratively and cross-functionally with your internal management and executive team to understand your business operations.  We look at companies wholistically, then break down the numbers to help non-financial people better understand their financial data.  We then utilize that information in creating a budget that considers any resources that are needed.  This results in a formidable plan that is scalable to allow future growth.  In short, we provide solutions to ensure companies’ financial management and help develop plans for profitable growth.

Scenario Planning / What If?

Scenario plans are particularly helpful when companies are growing as they anticipate any issues that could impact your bottom line and identify what resources will be needed to achieve new revenue streams. Questions to ponder may include:

  • What impact does your business have on cash flow and profitability?
  • Which of your business decisions are impacted by your cash flow?
  • What business decisions will be needed if a projected plan does not measure up?
  • What’s the profitability of the business?
  • Do you have enough cash flow to fund the growth?

Mergers/Acquisitions & Deal Structuring

Acquisitions require expertise in financial due diligence and integration.  Open Coast can assist with due diligence, financing alternatives and analysis, Pro-forma projections, and merger agreements review.  We offer hands-on experience in structuring acquisitions and have broad-based experience across a variety of industries, including venture capital, real estate, manufacturing, and technology, as well as a solid background in accounting and finance.


When you are preparing for an acquisition, don’t go it alone—bring your Part-Time CFO with you to ensure smooth sailing.